Allison Imre on what winning Localpreneur of the Year means to her...

April 2020 - On what winning Localpreneur of the Year means to her: “Considering the caliber of the people nominated and who have been recognized in the previous years, it’s incredibly humbling. It gives you goose bumps!”

On achieving success as an entrepreneur and her a-ha moment: “My entire adult life, I’ve been an employee, so I lead from the perspective of how I would want to be treated. That may not be the golden rule since it’s a corporate environment, but it works for us. My eye-opening moment of thinking I’ve ‘made it’ as an entrepreneur is every time I give my team a new project and it’s completed. No one asked for assistance or direction and no one made complaints, it’s just done and brilliant. They’ve taken the initiative and they’ve accomplished more than I could have ever thought..."

Source: SRQ

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